Rooms Iraklia

Rooms Iraklia

Choose the room or home that suits you and enjoy your holidays!
  • Ares

    Luxury apartment with wonderful views!
  • Zeus

    Ideal for family with unlimited view!
  • Eros

    With a private balcony in the endless blue!
  • Hercules

    Apartment with unique view and atmosphere!
  • Nireus

    All comforts for a special stay!
  • Perseus

    Stone room overlooking the Aegean blue
  • Pegasus

    Magnificent two room house overlooking the village!
  • Poseidon

    Unlimited view from a lovely veranda!
  • Ocean

    Private balcony overlooking the beach!

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Our suggestions

All Day Restaurant "To Ypovrichio"

In the center of Agios Georgios village with view of harbor you will find the all day restaurant "To Ypovrichio". Contact 22850-74229.

Variety of coffees


Fresh fish

Fresh meat

Meat appetizers

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Agios Georgios
Cyclades, Greece

For reservations

Contact info

  • Phone: 6972 430163
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Panorama Iraklia

Agios Georgios
Iraklia, Cyclades

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Rooms Iraklia - Villa panorama

Panorama Iraklia

In the endless blue!

Rooms Iraklia - Villa Panorama

The villa panorama is located at Iraklia of Cyclades, 18 nautical miles from the port of Naxos. It is built on a hill with sea view looking Schinousa, Koufonissi, Amorgos, Keros, Donousa and Naxos. Our staff and the family atmosphere of the island will offer moments of relaxation in a tranquil island with relaxed place ready for all kinds of exploration. The rooms are located 800 meters from the beach Livadi which is the largest beach and just 1 km from the port.

Villa Panorama

Villa Panorama has 11 truly unique options for your stay! Choose between double rooms, luxury apartments or even a whole house and enjoy your stay.

Choose the ideal accommodation for your holidays

  • Apartments

  • Double Rooms

  • Houses

  • All Our Rooms

Relax with comfort!

  • From 2 to 4 people
  • Magnificent views of the Aegean
  • TV & Air Condition
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Private bathroom
  • Private balcony
  • Stone rooms

The beaches of the island

Enjoy your swim and relax in the beautiful and crystal clear beaches of Iraklia. Experience true tranquility and admire the beautiful landscape.

See all the beaches

Oceanus Kayaking

Kayak in beautiful Iraklia!

Explore the stunning coastline of Iraklia with sea kayak.
Our suggestions

All Day restaurant "To Ypovrichio"

  • υποβρύχιο

  • υποβρύχιο

In the center of Agios Georgios village with view of harbor, you will find the All Day restaurant "To Ypovrichio". Contact 22850-74229.

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Read more: Rooms Iraklia - Villa panorama

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  • Phone: 6972 430163
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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