Beaches of Iraklia

Learn more about the beautiful beaches of our island!

Agios Georgios

The beach of Agios Georgios is located next to the port of Iraklia and although small, has a lot to offer its visitors. The beach is easily accesible even on foot from the village of the island, is sandy and has enough trees for shade if you can not stand the sun.


Livadi beach is the largest beach on the island with sand and trees at the back. It is easily accesible by car or on foot and is just 2 km from the village and 700 m from the Villa Panorama. The crystal clear water and the thin sand make Livadi ideal for all day relaxation!


Karvounolakos beach located south of Iraklia. It is small in size, pebble with deep blue color, accessible only by boat.

Ammoudi, Merihas

Ammoudi of Merihas is a small pebble beach with turquise waters. Located on the southeastern side of Iraklia and is only accessible by boat.


The beach Alimia, where the sunken German seaplane Arado is. It is visible from the sea, but definitely worth doing diving for anyone to see and to prhotograph up close.


Tourkopigado is a pebble beach in the northeast side of Iraklia. Accessible on foot or by car.

Vorini Spilia

The Vorini Spilia, located in the northern side of Iraklia and is close to Agios Georgios beach. It is a sandy beach where the north wind catches. Sometimes different objects come at it, but its waters remain ever pure.


Vourkaria is a small size pebble beach with difficult access. The trip is very beautiful on foot and water is green and clean.

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