Reservation policy

Secure Bookings

Reservations are secured with advance payment of up to 25% of the total cost of stay, which cannot be less than the charge for one day with the bank deposit. If the deposit is not paid within the time agreed the booking is considered invalid and the rooms available for rent.

Redemption Amount

If you have secured your reservation through the advance payment, repayment of the balance of your stay will be worth at the end of your stay.

Cancellation Policy (when not otherwise specified during the booking process and agreement).

If you cancel your reservation until 21 days before arrival date are eligible for a full refund of the amount you paid. If cancellation occurs within less than 21 days before arrival date, with compensation equal to 50% of the daily room rate agreed for the number of nights canceled (minus the deposit you paid).

Compensation for time change

Upon arrival, we confirm the departure date agreed. The values ​​are set, depending on the date of your reservation and length of stay. Should you decide to leave earlier than the time agreed price subject to change unless otherwise stated. Furthermore, charged with compensation for early departure which is 50% of the daily room rate agreed for the number of nights canceled.

Compensation of no-show

For non-appearance when the booking has been secured through the advance, the room remains available until your next scheduled day of arrival until the time of departure is the hostel. If canceled, you are obliged to pay compensation equal to half the rent of all remaining days (minus the deposit you paid). An exception to the above are cases of force majeure, which must be proven by unshakable evidence.

Hours of Listing

Check in starts at 14:00. The day of arrival is all on the rent, regardless of arrival time.

Hours of Departure

The departure from the premises must be done by 12:00. By 12:00 not require any payment of rent. In case of stay beyond the time and up to 18:00 hour will have to pay 50% of the rent the day and stay beyond the 18:00 hour, you have to pay full rent on the day.

Change or cancel reservation by the company

The company reserves the right to change or cancellation in cases where it is evident that contain or resulted from a mistake, and when the client has inappropriate or illegal actions.


For any damage or harm done to the hostel and is due to visitors in their domestic staff, visitors, or any other person to be liable, responsible are the visitors to the hostel (breaking glassware, crockery, wash basins, damaged furniture, carpet, clothing, etc).

Liability for loss of personal belongings

The hostel is exempt from any liability for damage or loss of items brought by guests, the persons accompanying them, or are visiting them in their service and in cases where the damage, destruction or loss due to force majeure (earthquake , fire, etc.) or in special circumstances.

Failure Distribution Services

If the house fails to rent the rooms on the dates agreed upon due to mechanical, electronic or human error or cases of unforeseen circumstances, will make every effort to provide guests staying at the hostel in the region corresponding to these nights and will bear the cost of the price difference (if any) and the transfer of visitors to this hotel. If this is not possible to guarantee the hostel pays the customer the amount of the stay as agreed.